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Business opportunities:

Records of business meetings, each account can set up what data it wants to keep at business opportunities as well as the layout of the form. For business opportunities, for example, it is possible to record who is in charge of it, when to recall a business, what is the priority of business negotiations and other data.

Tasks and meetings

A simple record of tasks and appointments. You can set data to fill out and layout the form. To link the assignments and appointments to the address, navigate to the place through the mobile application.ta.

The ability to search and verify businesses in the database with more than 50 million businesses, or to customize your own database.

Companies listings

The ability to create your own business database to reach out.

User Settings, Roles

Option to set rights for individual users. The system can be simplified to solve a few features in which lesser users will not get lost. The ability to set roles and limit the data the user can see in the company.

Set up layouts and business opportunity data according to your needs.

Adjustability / Customization:

You can customize the layout of the home page and features for each user. The system allows you to set the forms and data you need to register.

Products, product categories

The ability to create products and product categories that are offered to customers.


View tasks, appointments, and business meetings in the calendar. Use the call tracking feature to monitor call time within the calendar.


The ability to record customer orders and their linkages with business cases..

Identification and call log history

Features for Android mobile phones that allow you to identify caller´s number even when the user is not registered on your mobile phone. The system will allow you to identify callers from the database, customers´ databases. At the same time, you can save the call history to the server. Phone numbers are automatically connected with businesses. The application fits both to increase the merchant's efficiency and to increase the insight into his work. The businessman can work from home, and management knows that he is reaching out to new clients.

Mobile application

A simple mobile app for Android that lets you see data from your system even when you are out. The user has in reach the business meetings, tasks, appointments, can search for business information, or navigate to an address. The app can also find alternative appointments nearby

Linking to GPS monitoring

The CRM system can be linked to our LogBookie tracking solution. The solution can then automatically confirm the meeting, assignment or assign the driving purpose (business) to the ride. Tasks can be used to plan driver deliveries etc.

Press assemblies

You can print pre-prepared print reports or create your own. For example, an account´s management can find out which resources are the most job-related, how many opportunities are in the status or how many earnings a trader per month has.

Upgrade to new generation CRM

The only one at the market it connects the organizer (CRM), satellite tracking and company database.


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