Increase the performance of your business, and business department

Get a free and immediate tool for to record business opportunities and tasks.

  • Create a history of business opportunities, enter and review tasks.
  • Get a tool to help your businessmen raise sales.
  • Keep your business under control.


A recording tool
for business meetings and tasks.

Immediate check tool
and monitoring of business calls.

Download for FREE

Benefits for a company of 1 or 100 employees


Largest database of companies

Verify and search for new opportunities in's largest database, more than 50 million businesses.

Immediate to use

Do not wait months for implementation. The system is immediately ready for use.

Identification and call log history

Get an overview of who is calling you, even if you do not have the number in your phone contacts. Record call history and link it with businesses.

Link to GPS monitoring

As the only one on the market connects CRM system (organizer), GPS tracking vehicles and company database.

Quick statistics

Get quick statistics on the number of business meetings and their status.

Online review

You get access to data from anywhere you have internet from your computer or mobile phone.

Mobile application

An Android app that shows you tasks in the field, send the address to navigation, find alternative appointments, or find a business contact.

Tailor-made customization

Depending on the version of the service, you get for FREE a simple one-function solution or an advanced demanding system that can be customized to suit your needs.

Corporate fleet management

Get a tool for log book, vehicle reservation, travel compensation, cost management and vehicle expenses ...

The benefits of CRM have already tested 100 businesses

Upgrade to new generation CRM

The only one on the market connects the organizer (CRM), satellite tracking and company database.

Main functions

Business opportunities
Tasks and meetings
Database of companies
Linking to GPS monitoring
Companies listings
User Settings, Roles
Product categories
Identification and call log history
Mobile application
Press assemblies


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Excellent billing tool. We use the system in combination with the satellite tracking of vehicles for order checking and billing. By signing orders through a mobile app signing, we can instantly charge our customers for the work done and we don´t need to wait for physical deliveries from workers.

Vlastislav Nemec
Manager SILNICE SERVIS s.r.o.

We use the application to plan deliveries from our pizzeria. Online quickly and see which orders have been fulfilled and where our delivery staff is located.

Martin Polasek
Pizza delivery

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