Price List

The basic version of CRM is and will always be free

Function FREE Basic Standard V.I.P.
Connects GPS + CRM
Monthly fee per user
(Payment 6 or 12 months in advance according to the tariff)
0 EUR 4 EUR 12.5 EUR 17.95 EUR
Business opportunities        
Expanzo company search        
Free import from Expanzo to my accounts        
User management        
Print assemblies        
Record Sharing        
Mobile application        
Mobile application+        
Product categories        
Custom statuses of tasks, opportunities, appointments, and orders        
Custom job positions        
Rights settings        
Assign users to the role        
Roles settings        
Create business groups from the database        
Export from the database        
Credit to create a database       3 000
Expanzo paid contacts        
Displaying categories Number of employees and Turnover
Displays the number of employees at companies and institutions. The Turnover category is only available for legal entities.
Contacts from external catalogues
Contact information displayed on other Internet catalogues of companies.
Listing of businesses
Služba prováže historii hovorů s firemní databází, nebo vaší databází kontaktů
Custom print assemblies        
Layout of forms        
Assignment types        
Call history - Expanzo Call        
Call identification from        
Identify calls from My Business        
Linking GPS monitoring        
Remote training max. 1h included        
Preferred support        
Number of users 10 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Data Space 10 MB 40 MB 500 MB 1 GB
Prices do not include VAT  

Do you have any questions about the price list? Contact us online or by phone+420 734 236 113

CRM of new generation

The top VIP version, as the only one at the market, links the organiser (CRM), satellite monitoring and database of the companies.

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