Changes in CRM Expanzo

Expanzo Jobs
The new section, which contains the most vacancies among advertising servers in the Czech Republic, more than 265,000 vacancies. The section offers the possibility to search for companies according to advertised vacancies, in the future it will also be used to manage your own advertisements.

Expanzo database
Slovak companies now include a VAT number. At the same time, the display of the remaining credit for the export of companies was also added in the floating bar on the company search page.

New for the Opportunity, the Date of the next event will be replaced by Solve in time. This date will then be used in the calendar to display Opportunities as Activities.

It will still be possible to assign other activities to the Opportunity, these will be displayed in Incomplete activities. Additionally, the Opportunity will be expanded with an optional Close Estimate field. This date is intended to indicate the anticipated closing date of the Opportunity.

It will now be possible to display projects as activities in the calendar if the user fills in Solve in time.

At the same time, another Planned Completion date will be added, this date should mark the planned end of the project.

They will also be extended by another date, Finish by, i.e. the date by which the task is to be completed.

Classification of companies / persons

Thanks to the changes in dates, it will be possible to correctly sort entities in the Directory of Companies and Persons according to the last activity and planned activity.

Introducing the View right
Until now, the right to only see was not functional in the system, so it will now be possible to allow the user only a preview without the possibility of editing, for now it will display a detail similar to a form, which, however, will not allow changes to the selected item.

In the calendar, it will now be possible to display Projects, Orders, Inquiries at the time of their resolution.

Graphic modifications
The system will undergo graphic modifications aimed at making the system clearer. The details of individual agendas, such as opportunities, projects or details of companies, will be changed. The activity history and the list of unfinished activities will be simplified.

Upgrade to new generation CRM

The only one at the market it connects the organizer (CRM), satellite tracking and company database.


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