News in CRM Expanzo

We would like to inform you about the updates in CRM Expanzo.

First of all, we would like to inform you that the database of Slovak companies will be updated twice a year.

The first update makes your job easier by allowing you to copy the subject's billing information via the icon in the company details.

Furthermore, you can copy the data of contact persons in individual agendas as well. After you open the given opportunity and choose the contact
person, you can see the icon that allows you to copy the data. In addition to the name, it also copies the function, phone, and email.

Another update is a change to the Date of last activity. Newly, the activities are sorted according to the the time when the activity
was closed (previously they were sorted according to when they took place).

After hovering over the time of the last completed or scheduled activity, a warning is displayed. It warns you that this time is linked to an activity
of another company user, whose activity you do not have the right to view. Without this information, some users may have concluded that the time
does not correspond with the time of their activity, but this date is consistent with the activities of the entire company.

Do not hesitate to if you have any questions.

Your CRM Expanzo team

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